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Product Description

Herbal Blend - Soothe: Lavender, marjoram, and clove.
Helps to relax, soothe, and calm. Relieves aching and tension.

Heat OR Cold for:
- headache relief
- quiet your mind
- relaxation & sleep
- meditation
- blocks out light
- aromatherapy

Use over eyes at room temperature, warmed, or chilled as desired.
To warm: Microwave for 10-15 seconds. (Microwave power varies so test before using.)
To chill: Store in plastic bag in freezer.

Do not overheat & always protect inner flax pillow from moisture.
Removable, washable outer cover, cold water wash & lay flat to dry.

Golden Flax Seed, dried herbs, 100% cotton, brushed french twill.

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