Duke Cannon- Cold Shower Ice Cold Body Scrub

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Product Description

Duke Cannon's Cold Shower Ice-Cold Body Scrub should be considered a warning against the threat of a post-shower sweat. Like a Northern Wisconsin blizzard, this exfoliating scrub delivers a chilling effect so bracing, it feels like you're streaking across Lambeau in December.

Simply put, this is the product for hard-working folks who want to take a hot shower without losing their cool.


Contains menthol, caffeine, and aloe vera to cool, hydrate, and refresh
Plant-based thickeners for superior lather
Mineral enriched to gently deep clean and exfoliate
Glycerin for long-lasting hydration
Does not contain alcohol (though it does remind one of Rumple Minze, to be honest)
Size: 8 oz.

Never tested on animals. Just bad interns.

Made in the United States of America