"I am Wise" Moss Stem Cell DNA Support Serum - Certified Cosmos Organic

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Product Description

haia serums are the product line superheroes, and are formulated to deliver maximum results, fast. Mosses inhabited the earth for thousands of years and their life-enhancing resilience is harnessed to promote skin wellness at a cellular level. Potent antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a host of health promoting forest extracts are suspended in a green science delivery system that accelerates absorption and goes deep to feed, nourish and care for your most important asset, your face.

78.727% organic of total
99.735% natural origin of total
COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

Hero Ingredients:
Moss Stem Cells
- helps activate the lamin A gene responsible for the nuclear envelope structure and the nuclear transport gene RanBP17. Supports the skin’s adaptation to climatic stresses, helps protect against urban aggressors, and improves hydration, barrier function and skin homogeneity after just 2 weeks.
Red Maple – a sustainable red maple bark extract that mitigates the main cause of skin aging – oxidative stress and inflammation, while improving skin quality, firmness and elasticity by boosting key components of the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM).
Yellow Birch – Birch sap is prized for its ability to reduce inflammation, purify, and hydrate skin. It contains seventeen amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins. Birch functions as an astringent since the bark contains a high concentration of tannins which cross-link with keratins – proteins that create an invisible film that can tighten and tone the skin, while reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

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